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Genevieve Miller,

Certified Holistic Practitioner, Intuitive Life Coach, Guardian Harmonic Egg. 



Genevieve Miller

Certified Holistic Practitioner, Certified Intuitive Life Coach/Life Coach. MA,EEG,EKG, Reiki Master. Get back your direction, and self-relationship! Relax, Release, and Reset your emotions. Bring success and triumph back into your life's purpose. 

Do you feel you need a "Life Map"? Are you at a fork in the road? Let me be a passenger with you! I'll help you get to your destination safely.


"Went to get up from dinner and NO sharp right knee pain, WOW 😲. I keep getting up and down making sure this is real.

I have some dull aches going down the side of leg and calve, drank 2 bottles of water so far.

You are a miracle worker, can’t wait till tomorrow.
God bless you💕 ❤️ 💕"

“In early April, I completed two emotional release sessions with Genevieve. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, I have been biting my fingernails. As a lifelong on-again, off-again, nail biter, I was frustrated. For the first time in my life I could not seem to kick the habit, no matter how hard I tried. I am happy to report that Genevieve was able to release several trapped emotions during those sessions. Since the very 1st session, my anxiety has been virtually non-existent. Three weeks later, I have fingernails! Thank you, Gen!!”

"I have been using my Bemer for almost two years now. It has changed my life in too many ways to mention! I am 63 years old, and had chronic back discomfort for three decades. 7 years ago I stepped off my deck onto the head of a nail in my bare feet and my running career ended at that moment. I suffered “unrepairable damage” to my left foot and it bothered me almost daily. Today, I am totally pain-free, my back no longer hurts and I’m able to run again! Not only that, but I haven’t had so much as a sniffle since I began using it. Bemer has been a game-changer for me and my family!!"

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