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My Testimonials

Words From My Clients

"Our family purchased a BEMER unit in November 2019 because of our keen interest in proactive whole-body health and wellness versus the retroactive, bent-n-dent body shop mentality, band-Aid applying, hit and miss methods of our typical western healthcare providers. I am eternally thankful to have had this technology in my home during the ongoing pandemic. I have experienced: weight loss, better skin appearance, more energy, and an overall feeling of mental and physical wellness."


"I highly recommend using the Bemer unit to increase the micro-circulation of your blood flow thru the small blood vessels for relief of muscle recovery and pain. I first tried this unit because anytime you can increase blood flow within your body it has to be a good thing, especially without taking any pills that may have adverse side effects within the body. I am a 65 year old male who averages 20,000 steps/day and works out 3 times/week and have been using the Bemer frequently which aids in limiting my muscle sore-ness. After working out at the gym I have found that my muscles recover much faster and with out any soreness. It is my belief and experience that I feel much better, healthier and full of life because of using the Bemer."


"I have been using my Bemer for almost two years now. It has changed my life in too many ways to mention! I am 63 years old, and had chronic back discomfort for three decades. 7 years ago I stepped off my deck onto the head of a nail in my bare feet and my running career ended at that moment. I suffered “unrepairable damage” to my left foot and it bothered me almost daily. Today, I am totally pain-free, my back no longer hurts and I’m able to run again! Not only that, but I haven’t had so much as a sniffle since I began using it. Bemer has been a game-changer for me and my family!!"


"The technology of Touch Of My Own is proven! Circulation is everything. If you enhance it, you are healthier, if it is cut off, it is death. This is a proven way to increase circulation. It’s fantastic! (and no drugs and you don’t have to go to a germ-filled clinic or hospital)."


"Genevieve has a product that helps the body heal without chemicals and harmful side effects. It’s the future of healthcare."


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